About Us

About Us

Trailyn VC is a pre-seed venture fund specializing in diverse early-stage commercial revenue generating deep tech startups. We provide strategic investments and mentorship to drive innovation and growth in the tech industry

Our Mission & Vision

Empowering the Next Generation of Trailblazing Founders
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Our Values

  • Bet on outstanding people
  • Be of service to founders and investors
  • Build ecosystem to foster impact, respect, transparency, equality and inclusiveness
  • Good steward of the investment (is this a wise investment)
  • Best returns while doing good
  • Create automation to mitigate risk

Our Team

Our team consists of Veteran Film, Television, Sports, Athletes, Technologists and Venture Capitalists.
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Barbara Bickham

Founder & Managing Partner
Award Winning Fund Manager & CTO
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Daniel Bickham

Ecosystem Manager
Creating the Trailyn VC Ecosystem

Our Venture Partners

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Lathan Hodge

Deal Flow & Strategy Veteran media executive
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Melanie Mak

Deal Flow & Strategy Emmy award winning executive producer
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Reggie Grant

Deal Flow & Fundraising Co-founder, eSportsInstruction.com

Our Advisors

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Han Ko

International AdvisorFounder & CEO, USAKO Group
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Abby Tang

Advisor25+ Years, Cybersecurity and Cloud
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McKeever (Mac) Conwell,II

AdvisorFounder & MP, RareBreed Ventures


What we appreciate in a startup founder
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Deep-Tech Company

Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Quantum Computer
We look at web3 as experiences, both physical and digital.
We don’t look at Bio-Tech or Nano-Tech companies.
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Deep-Tech Infrastructure

We believe that these technologies are constructing the digital backbone for future generations.
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Revenue Generating

Our team is passionate about maximizing profits. We are dedicated to augmenting revenue and delivering favourable business outcomes. It is crucial for a minimal viable product (MVP) to be actively marketed, effectively utilized, and paid for by customers, laying a robust foundation for the business.
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Early Commercial

The company must have a preliminary Product/Market Fit.
The accomplishment of an initial Product/Market Fit is vital for a company's sustainability.
It shows that there is an adequate customer base ready to buy the product and potential growth.