Global Blockchain Funding Trends


December 15th, 2021 /11:00 AM Pacific


What we cover:

The Blockchain space is changing rapidly. It is still hard to understand the technology. 

This 1-hour webinar will smoothly introduce you blockchains, practical use cases and global funding trends.

  • Blockchain 101

    What is a Blockchain?

  • Blockchains Create Economy

    How blockchains work similar to current economies.

  • Practical Use Cases

    What are some real world use cases that are being used now?

  • Funding Trends

    Latest Blockchain Funding Trends

Who is This Webinar For?

  • Professionals
    Who want to learn about blockchain
  • Investors
    Who want to learn about funding trends
  • Entrepreneurs
    Who want to understand how to apply the blockchain

Speaker: Barbara Bickham

Barbara Bickham, an award-winning CTO and VC Fund Manager with extensive experience in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Fundraising. She has 35+ years experience in Technology and Entrepreneurship. She has 10+ years in Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Barbarabickham 421 343

What will you get after the webinar?

We will send you the Gobal Blockhain Funding Report via e-mail the next day after the event! The webinar will be also available on demand to those who attend.

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